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Forget the jargon, let us simplify your process.

Our methodology is about evolving, in both development and innovation, fostering a culture that is empowering. We use agile and lean approaches to teach our next-generation developers to create and build new solutions that are amazing.


Assess opportunity & prototype


Pilot Use-case & Evaluate

Build Angle

Build Solution


Test Solution

Assess opportunity & prototype

Assess opportunity & prototype

Engagement Model

When your business requires qualified IT personnel without the oversight responsibility, training prerequisites, commitment and expense of hiring full-time employees, Legion AI Systems IT will quickly provide thoroughly screened consultants to satisfy your technical and soft skill requirements.


Strengthen your workforce

Our staffing model gives you the flexibility to augment your IT skills on an ad hoc basis or through a contracted team. Our Staffing Service is ideal for IT departments that are under pressure to do more with less because we help you to increase your IT resources on an interim basis.

Project Solutions

On time On budget

Our project based services provide a pre-defined set of deliverables tailored to your specific needs. The scope of work, timeline, and associated costs are outlined in the framework of the project before work begins. You will know exactly how long and how much it will take to achieve your desired results.

Managed Services

Reduce overheads, improve efficiency

Our managed services help you with the operations of your technology environments. We provide you with technical expertise, service consistency, and flexibility across multiple vendors, technologies, and geographies. Reduce your overheads and improve efficiency by leveraging our scale, methodologies, and high levels of standardization.


Cost-effective delivery model.

Outsourcing is not just a method of gaining a one-time cost advantage, but an effective strategy for gaining and maintaining competitive advantages when executed as part of an overall sourcing strategy. Through an optimal blend of onsite, nearshore, and offshore resources, our cost-effective delivery model balances global reach with local accountability and delivery excellence.

Legion AI Systems: Your Gateway to Next-Level Digital Transformation

We have provided quality and cost effective information technology solutions to our clientele, thereby helping U.S. Companies to compete in the global economy with a distinct, competitive advantage. We will also achieve our mission via Quality, Integrity, Commitment, Responsiveness, and Focus. A partial list of our services includes Systems Analysis and Design, Details Design and Programming.


Delivering Cutting-Edge AI Solutions


Exceeding Customer Expectations


Forefront of Industry Trends


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